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Welcome to  ​


This site is an online showroom of the props and products I make.


Some of the items on this site are in stock, however a most of the customizable items are made to order and therefore take time to make, so please take this into consideration when ordering.


​I love nothing more than collaborating with clients to make something personalised to them and their show so if you have an idea get in touch.​


To order any of the items on this site please contact me at:


Thanks​​ John

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Imposter by John Morton

John's Answer to Max Maven's wonderful Kurotsuke Routine.
This is a tool for the modern mentalist.
This little tube and sticks is small enough to fit in your pocket but plays big enough for stage and close up shows.

From the smallest of props you can get a 15 min act.

Available Soon,

imposter straw with hats.jpg

"Brand Knew" by John Morton


A Deck of Company Logo Cards, designed to look like a game but with a secret.


Perfect for mentalists and Magicians.


Imagine being able to cut to any point in the deck and instantly know the logo cut to and the one above the cut. Imagine being able to perfom John's Award winning baby book presentation with this deck. 


With routines from Craig Petty this fun deck can even be played like a game.

Available Now, £40

logo deck brand knew cover.jpg

by John Morton

A Deck of Mini figures with a secret.

Perfect for mentalists, Magicians and kids entertainers.

Imagine being able to cut to any point in the deck and instantly know the card cut to the card above the cut, know how many cards where cut and therefore how many are left.
Imagine being able to tell information about the release date of the figure selected.
Imagine no more!

With routines from Craig and Ryland Petty this fun deck even has a story built into it.

With routines by Craig & Ryland Petty

£40 plus post


that figures packaging cover.jpg

The Tube
by John Morton and Luca Volpe

After over a year in production and testing we finally have the tube available. 

This is like a mini master prediction chest in your pocket, but is so much more.

for more information on this contact John.

Cost: £65 plus post.


The Twins By John Morton


A simple which hand routine that can be performed anywhere. Also includes John's impromptu versions of Which hand, Saucy Kurotsuke & the Guilty secret society.

Totally sold out at the Blackpool Magic Convention 2022 - Now back in stock.


Praise for The Twins: "The Twins is a genius trick that you can carry with you all the time. No electronics, no magnet… 100% surefire! I love it!"

- Luca Volpe


"It’s great! Really simple and direct. It’s probably one of the most direct ‘Which hand’ routines I’ve seen. Really good thinking. Congratulations on a such a practical effect."

- Marc Paul


"A wonderful routine that, like all of John's effects, is simple to perform but baffling for the audience. Highly recommended".

- Kieron Johnson

Price £10 plus postage.


the twins retro cover.jpg

Icon ESP by John Morton and  Luca Volpe

An incredibly versatile prop, originally designed as a ESP match routine where your spectators find the matching symbols under very fair conditions.

100% self working so you can concentrate on your performance.

Based on John's original lottery Icon this item comes from the combined minds of John and Luca.

Each purchased can be fully customised and extra cards are available.

Icon ESP £150 plus postage.

Extra Cards £50 plus postage

For more information or to order contact John



icon esp pic.jpg
Icon ESP

Icon 2.0 by John Morton:

The Brand Leader in Lottery Predictions.


John's fantastic stage routine for a lottery prediction using well known logos to create the prediction.


Fully customized with your own images (see below for examples) and lottery numbers, this mind-blowing routine is a true reputation maker.


6 Icons are chosen from an easel mounted board and set aside, by randomly selected members of the audience.


Each is turned over to reveal that the numbers on the reverse of each matched a lottery ticket, which can be in full view the whole time.


These items are made to order so there will be a short lead time on delivery. Included are the board which can easily be mounted on any easel, Icon cards and printed instructions.




PRICE £800 plus postage.


icon 2.jpg
Icon 2.0

The Baby Book by John Morton


The Trick that Fooled Penn and Teller

"Every Magician, amateur or professional could get this book and after reading one sentence  could kill with it!"

- Penn Jillette.

"Really entertaining, You fooled us!"

- Penn & Teller

A kids picture book is shown and it is explained that this book is used to teach the magicians daughter what various items look like and what they are called.


You demonstrate that what we do is show her the big picture saying what it is and ask her to point it out from the items below.


The magician explains that because it is a repetitive thing, without even realising it they have learnt every single page off by heart.


You offer to demonstrate and pass the book out. Ask the spectator to open the book to any page they like and look at the big item.


They now call out in any order all the items on the page below including at some point the big item. After they have called out all 9 items you correctly tell them which the big item is.


Created with the kind permission of Stephen Young.



Price £60 plus postage.


Baby Book

The Baby Book (Christmas Edition)

A Christmas version on the best selling baby book.

Note: The "key" to the method is different to the original Baby Book so even if your magician friends know the secret to the original they will not know this one.

Price £6
0 plus postage


Baby Book Christmas

Game Night by John Morton and Brett Barry.

Mentalist John Morton and Brett Barry have teamed up with this fiendishly clever "Charades" book filled with mind reading secrets! This is the collaborative result of over a years' worth of cross-continent creative back and forth.

SvenPad Game Night is a unique pocket-sized book test unlike any other. You can play it as a game AND you can play it as mind reading - or play it as BOTH. Some of the methods within this book are brand new, while others are a twist on the classics. This book was created FROM SCRATCH and looks exactly like a book bought at the store.

The secrets within are well hidden and waiting for you to demonstrate your mindreading powers! One can never have too many book tests. But some book tests are better than others.

We believe SvenPad Game Night will become one of your go-to favorites to help you slay audiences, and make you feel like a super mindreading hero. Make it fun, and make it feel real. SvenPad Game Night is a powerhouse.

  • FAMOUS SvenPad quality!

  • MULTIPLE methods! MULTIPLE phases!

  • FAR more than just Svengali

  • READY to perform!

  • 4"x6" pocket-sized Charades book!

  • PDF instructions link (18 pages)!

  • VIDEO teaching link!

  • BUILT-IN secret CRIBS!

  • FLASH training cards!

Price £60 plus postage


Game Night

Something super this way comes! by John Morton & Martin Bosmans. 

The magician explains that their father used to collect cigarette cards, this type of card used to come in cigarette packets in the days when people smoked a lot more. The cards were very collectable and you have a set here, these are the ones that they loved as a kid as they are of Superheroes.

They show the cards and give them a shuffle, then faces away then dripples the cards down and let the volunteer call stop (no force of any kind).

The magician then shows them the face of the card they stopped on, and closes the pack before turning back around.


After three simple "reading questions" the magician can reveal the super hero in any way they like.


Lolli Hero, 21st Century Phantom, write down the reveal, open your shirt to reveal the superheroes shirt – whatever they like!


NOTE: You do not have to ask the questions in order to know the selection.

Price £15 plus postage


something super this way comes new pic.j
Something Super

Big Blind by John Morton

Five coloured cards are mixed up by a volunteer (face down) while the magicians back is turned; the magician then shows 5 poker chips in the same colours as the cards.


Under these impossible circumstances the magician still manages to place the corresponding poker chip on the correct card.

Price £15 plus postage



21st Century Phantom Cuts

Please note: Sadly, due to the time these take to make I no longer cut these for magicians to use anymore, however I do sell my designs for you to use and can help and advise on how to cut them. For more information contact me at

I have over 300 designs and can make custom ones on request.

Designs are sold at £5 per file.

21st century phantom.jpg
Big Blind

Accessories for Hugo Shelly's Insight.



Insight ESP wooden discs.

These work in conjunction with Hugo Shelly's Insight device. DONOT PURCHASE IF YOU DONOT ALREADY OWN HUGO'S INSIGHT.

Price: £45.00 plus postage


Insight ESP wooden box.

This works in conjunction with Hugo Shelly's Insight device.

Note: box does not lock and very box is made different please contact me for options.



£85.00 plus postage.

Wooden poker chips made to order and sold separately. 

insight box 1.jpg

Vintage Needle Case

For needles from mouth

(Confessions of a Needle Swallower).

3 designs of vintage stickers are included in the pack for you to add onto your case (1 included in set)
(Houdini, Shakespeare & Eleanor Rose (not shown)).

Price £15 each plus post.


needle cases.jpg

Tips and Tricks Lecture Notes Facebook Group.

This is a Facebook group that contains the tricks in my lecture along with tips and money saving easy build projects like close up tables and a peek device. 

It also includes my wedding fair information. 

Cost to join is a one time fee of £10

Needle Cases

Happy Books.

This is book test with a difference, its not just one book but a full shop of books.

This is a free trick.

Contact John for details.


Transform 8 by John Morton

Not just a quick trick shot... a full, highly entertaining close up, cabaret and stage routine.

First, you impress your spectators by transforming a napkin into an 8 Ball.

Then you trick them into a false sense of security by hilariously showing them how you did it (a classic gag).
But... just as they begin to stop taking your magic seriously, you hit them with a second transformation that produces a real, solid, heavy pool ball!

This modern take on a classic is guaranteed to snooker your spectators minds like never before. All the joys of silk-to-egg without the cracking!

NOTE: Transform 8 is only available though

TRANSFORM8 (1).jpg

Deluxe Envelopes by John Morton

Each pack comes complete with 50 envelopes, which have been custom designed to fit into Nick Einhorn’s Deluxe Nest Of Wallets for an incredible climax to this great piece of close up magic.


**Please note wallets and instructions not included.

NOTE: Deluxe Envelopes are available only though Alakazam Magic.

delux envelopes.jpg
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