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To view instructions for the trick you have purchased just click on the picture and answer the password answer.

Brand Knew - Password is the name of the deck on the box - all lowercase no spaces ("gu___th_l__o")

Imposter: Password is on the link card in the package all lower case. (s____s____).

"That figures!": Password is in the written instructions (all lowercase)

tube now.jpg

The Tube: Password is in the box (all lowercase)

the twins retro cover.jpg

The Twins: Password is the first person mentioned in the credits

(11 characters - all lowercase no spaces)


Big Blind  Password: What does 2 o'clock mean?

(3 characters all lowercase)

something super this way comes new pic.jpg

Something Super This Way Comes Password: The name of the first card on the left

(6 characters - all lower case)


Baby Book Password: The copywrite name (6 characters)

(all lower case, no spaces, full stops or numbers)

babybook chrstmas edition advert.jpg

The Baby Book - Christmas Edition Password: The big picture on the back of the book.

(5 characters - all lowercase: s _ _ _ _)

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